Determination of the commercial parameters of honey

This five-day intensive course will take place in the Department of Food Analysis and Toys at our Institute of Food Safety in Linz. The aim is to introduce the analysis of commercial parameters of honey, ranging from samples to test reports, using a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical applications. Content You will acquire knowledge of the relevant legal principles and framework for validation of analytical methods, quality assurance and the assessment and evaluation of results. Each participant performs the relevant procedures on real samples under professional supervision in a fully equipped laboratory. The framework of the course is the analytical parameters of the Honey Regulation (Directive 2001/110/EC). Target group This laboratory course provides scientifically and regulatory sound, theoretical and practical knowledge in the analysis of honey for

  • analysts
  • Heads of laboratories
  • Experts and specialists in quality management, research and consulting of food and feed producers and control bodies
  • Interested persons

Limit of Participation Five-day standard course for up to four persons (minimum: two participants) Date on request Location AGES GmbH Wieningerstraße 8 | A-4020 Linz, Austria Responsible for content Dipl.-Ing. Leopold Pilsbacher Department of Food Analysis and Toys Institute for Food Safety Linz, AGES Fee on request

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