Detection of radioactivity with the HPGe system in food and water

In this training we teach the basics of measuring radioactive samples with gamma spectrometry on an HPGe detector. You will learn how to operate the software and how to handle the detection system. Contents In addition to gamma spectrometry, sample preparation and standardized procedures for the entire measurement process are discussed. The basics of analysis software, especially energy calibration and consideration of the entire measurement setup and the resulting detector efficiency will be considered. You will learn about additional software that can be used to create specific nuclide libraries and geometry files required for the individual measurement setup. Target group

  • Analysts
  • Laboratory managers in the field of radioactivity analysis using Canberra Industries hardware and software (knowledge of radiation physics is an advantage).

Limit of participation Five-day standard course for max. four persons Date on request Location AGES GmbH Spargelfeldstraße 191 | A-1220 Vienna, Austria Responsible for content DI Dr. Franz Kabrt, BSc Department of Radiation Protection and Technical Quality Assurance Department of Radiation Protection, AGES Fee on request

AGES Akademie

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