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As a certified educational institution, we organise lectures, congresses, conferences and training courses to impart and discuss new and proven knowledge about current and future hazards and risks. In our training and further education programmes for authorities and companies, we provide training on topics along the food chain, as well as public health and food security. Visit our diverse lecture and training programmes. We look forward to your participation!

Note: Participation fees for AGES Academy events are tax-exempt according to § 6 para. 1 no. 11 lit u UStG.

The AGES Academy guarantees quality-assured training and further education programmes:

  • Certified according to ISO 9001 (since 2010)
  • Ö-Cert quality provider for adult education (since 2014)
  • Recognised training provider of the Ministry of Agriculture (since 2015)
  • Recognised trainer in accordance with the Radiation Protection Act 2020 (since 2023)

Event News

With new programmes on current topics, we offer you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in your specialist area or to acquire new knowledge.
We have developed the following formats for you, among others:

  • Further training for biomedical analysts
  • GIS - Geographical Information Systems
  • Radon - prevention and remediation
  • Food sensory analysis
  • AGES online course "Authenticity of food (food fraud) and possible detection methods"

Our calendar of events offers you an overview of the programme with detailed information.
Please also note the eligibility of AGES events for continuing education programmes (CPD, DFP, veterinarians, etc.)!


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Stay up-to-date with our Academy Newsletter! Register by emailing indicating your area of interest* (multiple choices possible) *Nutrition, LE 14-20, Laboratory Practice, Agriculture, Food Safety, Medical Market Surveillance, Animal Health, Public Health, Radiation Safety.

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Yes. Your personal email address is your unique identification in the electronic booking system, as each email address may only appear once. To this personal address (office@... or kontakt@... do not apply) you as a user will receive all information about your access data as well as other event-relevant information or, in the case of chargeable formats, the invoice.

The password must be at least 8 characters long and at least 2 of them must be digits (example: abcdef12).

You will receive this by mail to your personal email address.

So that we can correctly send you the invoice for the conference fee for events for which there is a charge. The invoice is sent to the invoice recipient, the payer is the institution/person who actually pays the invoice. Many companies have a separation of responsibilities (e.g. company X has its headquarters in Vienna, but the finance department in Linz). In the case of private individuals, the recipient and payer will usually have the same address.

Since the PSM certificate you can apply for after completing the course is a photo ID, you will need to enter your date of birth in your user profile as well as upload a passport photo (in .bmp format please).

Your event with us

At the Spargelfeldstraße location, a lecture hall and four meeting rooms of various sizes are available for events of all kinds.

Our lecture hall has 222 seats arranged in rows and is equipped with a lectern and a podium for six people. The technical equipment, which was completely renewed in 2015, includes a beamer with a presentation laptop, an electric screen, a connection option for external laptops and Internet access. Furthermore, the room has a microphone system with radio microphones, individually recordable info screens, DVD player, video player, flipchart, whiteboard as well as an audio system with the possibility of sound recording as well as interpreting booths. Our meeting rooms are equipped with beamers, laptops and electric screens and offer connection possibilities for external laptops, internet access, as well as flipcharts and whiteboards. Additional media such as video/DVD players as well as sound transmission via active speakers are available upon request.

The asparagus field location can also be used for serving food and drinks and/or as an exhibition area. We will be pleased to inform you. The local catering company will gladly accept your wishes regarding catering.



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Last updated: 15.11.2023

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