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We support the federal ministries responsible for radiation protection in protecting the population from radioactivity. To this end, we perform various tasks in areas such as emergency planning, food control, environmental monitoring and radon protection. We also ensure that all measuring stations in Austria are prepared and operational for an emergency at all times.

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Geschäftsfeld Leitung Christian Katzlberger

We ensure that all people in Austria can be protected at an early stage from the effects of a possible nuclear incident.

Mag. Dr. Christian Katzlberger, Leitung

Our tasks

  • Radioactivity monitoring in Austria (nuclear facilities, environment, food, consumer goods, fertilizers, drinking water)
  • Emergency planning: Provision of resources and know-how in case of emergency (emergency preparedness, intervention team)
  • Austrian expert office for radon
  • Office of the National Waste Management Advisory Board
  • Services as an expert in the field of radiation protection, safe disposal of radioactive waste and nuclear safety
  • Radiochemical analyses including process development
  • Research
  • Method development

Reference laboratories



Mag. Dr. Christian Katzlberger


DI Dr. Wolfgang Ringer MSc


Mag. Dr. Claudia Landstetter

Messstelle Graz

DI Bernd Obenaus

Messstelle Innsbruck

Mag. Alan Tessadri


DI Fabian Rechberger

DI Horst Schödl

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