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Payment of the Annual Fee

Manufacturers and importers who place tobacco products or related products on the market must pay a flat-rate annual fee for the products listed in the Tobacco Fees Ordinance (TabGebVO).

  • For this purpose, the sales quantities of the previous year have to be reported annually in the EU Common Entry Gate (EU-CEG) by 31 May of the current year.
  • The self-calculation of the flat-rate annual fee shall be made on the basis of the sales volumes of the previous year by 15 June in the following SELF-CALCULATION FORM ANNUAL FEE.
  • The transfer of the corresponding fees must be made by 30 June of the current year.

Information on the payment of the flat-rate annual fee can also be found on the website of the Ministry of Health.

Office for Tobacco Coordination

Last updated: 16.02.2022

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