Species identification

The course provides theoretical and practical knowledge in areas where national authorities are confronted with fraudulent activities related to food authenticity and food mislabeling (food fraud). Content Species identification - from sample preparation to preparation of a test report - is presented in a practical manner. The training focuses on the identification and differentiation of a variety of animal species commonly used as ingredients in meat and meat products using DNA-based methods. The relevant procedures are performed by each participant under professional supervision in a fully equipped laboratory on real samples. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the training also includes the performance of tests in the laboratory under quality-assured conditions. Participants acquire comprehensive knowledge of the qualitative analysis of animal species in food. Target group

  • Analysts and heads of laboratories
  • Experts and consultants for quality management, research and consulting of food companies and control bodies
  • Interested persons

Limitation of Participation Five-day standard course for max. four persons Date on request Location AGES GmbH Spargelfeldstraße 191 | A-1220 Vienna, Austria Responsible for content Mag. Rupert Hochegger Institute of Food Safety Vienna Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology, AGES Fee on request

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