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A healthy diet should be varied, wholesome and colorful. Errors in transport, storage and preparation of food, but also environmental and agricultural contamination can cause a food to spoil prematurely or, in the worst case, harm health. For example, food may be contaminated by residues and contaminants, but it may also contain natural ingredients that can cause undesirable health effects.

As part of the official food inspection, we regularly examine food with regard to composition, quality, nutritional values, substances harmful to health, labeling deficiencies and misleading claims. In our online tool "Lebensmittel unter der Lupe" ("Food under the magnifying glass") for consumers, which is designed to help you make the best possible food choices for yourself and your family, you can obtain the nutritional values for many products available in Austria.

Here you will find valuable information, tips as well as test results and expert information about food, food additives, food supplements and much more:

Last updated: 11.03.2024

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