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Pathogens folder

Detailed and up-to-date information on the respective pathogens can be found here. Folders published before 2019 will continue to be provided as downloads.

Zoonoses reports

Since 2019, the annually collected Austrian data are described electronically on the AGES website under the respective pathogens. Further reports on the occurrence of zoonoses can be found here.

HIV surveillance in Austria

In 2001, representatives of five HIV treatment centers (AKH Vienna, Otto-Wagner-Spital Vienna, AKH Linz, LKH Innsbruck and LKH Graz West) founded the "Austrian HIV Cohort Study (AHIVCOS)". The long-term goal of this HIV Cohort Study is a comprehensive, voluntary and anonymous registration of HIV infected patients in Austria and thus an optimization of patient management. In 2008, two additional centers (LKH Salzburg and LKH Klagenfurt) joined AHIVCOS.

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