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We celebrate our 20th birthday

On June 1, AGES will be 20 years old. This is a reason to celebrate and you can be there live via video streaming.

"As one of Europe's leading experting organizations, we have been helping to minimize risks as well as safeguard food security for 20 years," says Anton Reinl, one of our two managing directors. Whether it is pathogens in humans, animals and plants, counterfeit drugs, antibiotic resistance, residues in food, soil and seed testing, or radiation and climate protection: we are involved in averting and containing potential risks to humans, animals and plants and thus ensuring greater safety for consumers in Austria. "To ensure this, we analyze, monitor, evaluate, research and communicate 365 days a year," emphasizes Thomas Kickinger, our managing director responsible for technical agendas.

At the celebratory event on June 1, the directors of our EU partner agencies EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), ECDC (European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) and EMA (European Medicines Agency) will discuss challenges in the areas of food safety, new pathogens and drug safety and availability.

For the first time, we will present the AGES Awards for outstanding research projects of the past 20 years in our core areas of human, animal and plant health, but also in the areas of environment and society. The event will be moderated by moderation legend Barbara Stöckl.

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