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Checking children's carnival costumes and children's make-up

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To ensure the safety of children, especially during the carnival season, and to identify and minimise potential risks, we regularly check carnival costumes and carnival make-up, among other things.

We test carnival costumes for strangulation and suffocation hazards, ingredients, flammability and labelling defects. The following risks have been identified in recent years: Higher propagation speed of flames and lack of warning labels.

In the case of children's make-up, we examine whether the legal regulations regarding composition and labelling are complied with. During the investigation, particular attention is paid to unauthorised substances such as heavy metals, other impurities and incorrectly declared or undeclared ingredients such as allergenic fragrances and preservatives. The following risks have been identified in recent years: Heavy metals as well as undeclared ingredients and the lack of caution and warning labels in German.

There are safety checks on the internet, but as products can be ordered from different countries, it is important that consumers also pay attention to safety themselves.

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