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Climate cookbook: Federal Minister Norbert Totschnig visits the cookery workshop at HBLA Sitzenberg

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For our digital climate cookbook, students from HBLA Sitzenberg cook the Austrians' favourite pulses recipes. Federal Minister Norbert Totschnig was a guest to get a first-hand impression of the diverse recipes.

"In view of climate change, there will also be a change in nutrition in Austria and Europe. Pulses and the rediscovery of new varieties are an important component of a healthy and sustainable diet. Increasing their production in Europe should reduce the European protein gap," said the Minister: "My approach is to enable everyone in Austria to have a balanced and sustainable diet, without bans and without prescriptions. Austria already has one of the most climate-friendly food production systems in the world. We want to continue on this path of quality production. I'm sure this cookbook will provide one or two exciting developments."

"We cannot prevent climate change, but we can deal with the changing circumstances: As a One Health organisation, AGES is therefore researching and communicating intensively on the topic of climate change adaptation. With our focus on "climate fit for humans, animals and plants", we want to raise awareness of the issue of climate change," explained Thomas Kickinger, Managing Director of AGES. "As part of the protein strategy, it is important to us that plant-based sources of protein are included in the diet alongside animal protein. The AGES project with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management and HBLA Sitzenberg shows just how varied cooking with lentils, beans and the like can be - and how good it tastes," he summarised.

"I am very pleased about the successful cooperation with AGES. As part of the project, the pupils were given an insight into the creation of a cookery book and the arrangement of dishes to arouse their curiosity. The pupils were particularly enthusiastic about the fact that they not only learnt a lot through the project, but were also able to contribute their creative ideas," says Monika Schneier-Blesl, Headmistress of HBLA Sitzenberg.

| 2 min read

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