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Asian hornet found near Austria

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On 8/22/2023, the Asian hornet Vespa velutina was observed in Hungary near the Austrian border.

Photo and video footage of the sighting were published in several Facebook groups and clearly show that it is the Asian hornet. Currently, the Hungarian Natural History Museum is examining the specimens found to confirm whether it is the Asian hornet.

The Asian hornet is of particular interest to beekeepers as it prefers to hunt bees, wasps, flies, spiders and grasshoppers to feed its brood. It ambushes the returning bees in front of the hives in hovering flight. High densities of Asian hornets can lead to weakening of colonies and even colony losses.

Information for beekeepers

We ask the Austrian beekeepers for increased attention in the vicinity of their bee colonies. Based on experiences in other countries, we recommend the following procedure: in the coming weeks, during your regular visits to the apiary, observe the flight of bees in front of the colonies for about 20 minutes - this period should be sufficient to detect a possible occurrence of the Asian hornet. In case of suspicion, please document the situation (photo, film) and report the suspicion to the competent authorities. The Federal Office for Food Safety (import control) and the nine state governments are responsible for invasive species:

Additionally, feel free to send the information to for verification. Any positive reports will be forwarded to the appropriate state authorities. Please do not trap or kill any animals as confusion with native species is possible.

Asian Hornet Information

| 2 min read
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