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The codling moth likes it warm

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The codling moth is a rather inconspicuous small butterfly. Nevertheless, its caterpillars are the most important pests in apple growing.

The caterpillars of the codling moth bore into the core of the apples and the infested fruits fall prematurely.

The codling moth currently produces two generations per year: The flight activity of the first generation begins in May during apple blossom and lasts until the beginning of August. The flight takes place mainly in dry, warm and windless weather. The second generation is on the move from the end of July to the beginning of September.

Warmer temperatures mean that codling moths are active for longer over the year and that a third generation can form. In addition, more caterpillars survive their overwintering.

We provide regular information about the start of codling moth flight and egg laying via our Plant Health Warning Service.

Information on codling moth

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