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3rd Radon Network Meeting in Salzburg

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Radiation Safety

The 3rd Radon Network Meeting took place in Salzburg at the beginning of October. This year the focus was on the exchange of experiences of the participants.

The Radon Network Austria was founded on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection and gives stakeholders, authorities, companies and all interested citizens the opportunity to network and exchange information. More than 60 participants from all federal provinces accepted the invitation of the Radon Expert Office to the Bauakademie in Salzburg.

Topics of the first day were services and goals of the Fachstelle Radon, radon protection ordinance from the ministry's point of view, radon reduction in water supply systems as well as radon protection at the workplace.

Practical radon remediation examples of residential buildings and workplaces in Austria opened the second Radon Network Day. An expert from Canada also gave an international insight into the topic. In addition to practical tips from experts, experiences were exchanged in four different workshops. The workshops served for the exchange on the topics of radon measurement, remediation and radon-safe building and the involvement of stakeholders and information work.

An excursion to the Salzwelten Salzburg offered the opportunity to learn about the specifics of a radon-exposed workplace and also to try out various electronic radon measuring devices on site and to learn about their possible applications.

All information about the Radon Network can be found here: General - Radon Expert Office

| 2 min read
Radiation Safety

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