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Safety of buffer balls and similar products

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Final report of the priority action A-023-22

The aim of the focus action was to examine whether or to what extent buffer balls or fluffy balls and similar products on the Austrian market comply with the requirements of the Toy Ordinance, in particular whether they meet the requirements of the European standard EN 71 Part 1 "Mechanical and physical safety of toys".

37 samples from all over Austria were examined. 14 samples were objected to (in some cases several times):

  • ten samples were classified as "toys for children under 3 years", all ten were objected (partly several times):
    • nine samples had small parts, the choking risk was assessed as "serious risk" and the samples were objected to as "harmful to health"
    • one sample was rejected due to detachable small parts and an increased germ count, the risk was assessed overall as "high risk" and thus rejected as "not complying with the safety requirements of the Toy Ordinance 2011"
    • in addition to the complaint, one sample was assessed as "harmful to health" due to safety deficiencies (filling material accessible)
    • all ten samples were found to have labeling deficiencies
  • 27 samples were classified as "toys for children over 3 years", of which four samples were objected to:
    • one sample was rejected due to safety deficiencies (risk of strangulation due to a too long/elastic yoyo cord)
    • one sample had labeling deficiencies (deficient warning label)
    • two samples were objected to because of a defective EC declaration of conformity.
| 2 min read
Main focus Toy

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