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Carnival costumes - azo dyes and flammability

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Final Report of Priority Action A-001-17

The aim of the focus action "Carnival costumes - azo dyes and flammability" was to check whether the legal provisions regarding the use of banned azo dyes and the safety requirements of the Toy Ordinance 2011 are complied with. 38 samples from all over Austria were examined. 29 samples were rejected:

  • The predominant reason for complaint was insufficient/missing EC declarations of conformity or labeling deficiencies.
  • Four samples were found to be in danger of choking or strangulation.
  • No sample had to be rejected due to prohibited azo dyes
  • No sample had to be rejected because of flammability

Azo dyes are synthetic dyes. For toys with textiles such as carnival costumes, azo dyes must not be used in detectable concentrations (> 30 mg/kg). Detailed requirements for the safety of toys are contained in the European standard EN 71. Relevant for all toys are parts 1 to 3. Part 1 deals with physical and mechanical properties, part 2 with flammability, part 3 with migration of certain elements.

| 1 min read
Main focus Pollutants Toy

Last updated: 18.07.2022

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