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Final report of the priority action A-027-18

The aim of the focus action was to examine the extent to which the toys currently on the Austrian market meet the legal requirements with regard to acoustic properties and to remove dangerous products from circulation. 72 samples from all over Austria were examined. 51 samples were rejected, some of them several times:

  • in 19 samples, the limit values for sound pressure levels were exceeded; in ten of these samples, the exceedance was so high that the samples had to be judged as "harmful to health"; nine samples were objected to as "not meeting the safety requirements of the Toy Ordinance"
  • five complaints as "harmful to health" were made because of detachable small parts
  • a total of 23 samples were rejected due to safety defects
  • 14 samples were found to be defective in terms of labeling
  • 35 samples were rejected because of a missing or defective EC declaration of conformity.

The European standard EN 71 Part 1 (EN 71-1) Z 4.20 contains detailed requirements regarding the acoustic properties of toys. Limit values for sound pressure levels are specified in each case for acoustic toys.

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Last updated: 18.07.2022

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