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Radon network: Exchange for more radon safety

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At the 2nd Radon Network Meeting, interested citizens discuss the topics of radon remediation and radon prevention measures with representatives of the Ministry of Climate Protection and our Radon Expert Office.

Stakeholders, authorities, companies and interested citizens will meet for the second time on October 6 and 7 in Klagenfurt at the meeting of the Radon Network Austria: The network, initiated on behalf of the Ministry of Climate Protection (BMK), is both a contact point for advice and an unbureaucratic communication and cooperation platform on the topic of radon.

At the network meeting, among other things, building experts report on successes, but also difficulties in the topics of radon remediation and radon precautionary measures in new buildings. How practical implementation can succeed will be demonstrated during an expert excursion to a Klagenfurt school building in which radon remediation measures have been successfully implemented in recent years. The meeting also serves as an opportunity for the radiation protection authorities to share their experiences in enforcing the Radon Protection Ordinance and to hold open discussions with representatives of the Ministry of Climate Protection and the AGES Radon Unit.

"Radon protection is health protection - that is why there is a need for open discussion and broad information on this topic. We have taken many important steps in the last two years. Now we want to talk about this in the Radon Network. I would like to thank all participants and organizers for their commitment and wish them an exciting exchange," says Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler.

With the Radiation Protection Act, which came into force in 2020, and the Radon Protection Ordinance, radon protection areas will be designated for the first time in Austria. For all workplaces in the ground floor and basement, there is now an obligation to carry out a radon measurement in the affected municipalities. The radon protection areas can be easily found on the interactive radon map of the Fachstelle für Radon.

But there is also the possibility to check the radon risk apart from legal requirements: Since the actual radon concentration in a building can only be determined by a measurement, the BMK enables a free radon measurement with two radon detectors in private households. For these measurements, the BMK provides a contingent of radon detectors twice a year. The registration for the next free radon measurement in December 2022 will be done at the Radon Expert Office.

| 3 min read
Human Environment Events

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