COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2019/723, Annex, Part 1, Box 4, Fees and Contributions to Costs.

The authority entitled to the fees and cost contributions can be found in the Multi-Year Integrated Control Plan.

Chapter 1.

Food and food safety, fairness and health safety at all stages of production, processing and distribution of food, including regulations to ensure fair trade practices and on the protection of consumers' interests and information, and regulations on the manufacture and use of materials and articles intended to come into contact with food

Law/VO Link
LMSVG Duties Ordinance
LMSVG-Control Fees-VO
Lower Austrian LM-Control Fees Act
Lower Austrian LM-Control Fees-VO
Burgenland LM inspection fees law
Burgenland LM inspection fees ordinance
Carinthian Meat Inspection Fees Act
Carinthian Meat Inspection Fees-VO
Upper Austria Meat Inspection Fees Act
Upper Austrian Meat Inspection Fees-VO
Meat inspection fees law (Sbg.)
Salzburg Meat Inspection Fees-VO
Styrian Meat Inspection Fees Act
Styrian Meat Inspection Fees Ordinance
Tyrolean Meat Inspection Fees Act
Tyrolean meat inspection fees-VO
Meat inspection fees law (Vbg.)
Meat inspection fees ordinance (Vbg.)
Vienna Meat Inspection Fees Act
Vienna Meat Inspection Fees-VO
Export control in the food sector
Provincial Commission Fees Ordinance 1994 (Ktn.)
Upper Austria Provincial Commission Fees Ordinance 2013
Provincial Commission Fees Ordinance 1990 (Bgld.)


Chapter 2.

Deliberate release of GMOs into the environment for the purpose of food and feed production

Law/VO Link
Fees of the BAES
LMSVG Control Fees Ordinance


Chapter 3.

Feed and feed safety at all stages of production, processing and distribution of feed, and the use of feed, including rules to ensure fair trade practices and on the protection of the health, interests and information of consumers

Law/VO Link
Fees of the BAES
Fees of the BASG


Chapter 6.

Requirements in the field of animal welfare

Law/VO Link
Transport inspection fees ordinance (Stmk.)


Chapter 7.

Measures for protection against plant pests

Law/VO Link
Fees of the BAES
Plant Protection Regulation (movement in the EU)


Chapter 8.

Regulations on the placing on the market and use of plant protection products and on the sustainable use of pesticides, with the exception of pesticide application equipment

Law/VO Link
Fees of the BAES


Chapter 9.

Organic production and labeling of organic products

Law/VO Link
LMSVG Levy Ordinance


Chapter 10.

Use of the indications "Protected Designation of Origin", "Protected Geographical Indication" and "Traditional Speciality Guaranteed" and the corresponding marking of the products.

Law/VO Link
LMSVG Tax Ordinance


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