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Vitamins and colorants in food supplements for athletes

Final report of the priority action A-036-17

With the focus action, food supplements for athletes were checked for GMOs, vitamins and colorants. Since most of these products are produced abroad (third countries) and therefore have to be imported to Austria, they often do not comply with the legal provisions regarding permitted additives (e.g. colorants) and the declaration requirement for food containing GMOs. The main aspect of the focus action was to check protein powder products for the presence of genetically modified organisms. Since in the past protein powders from third countries were increasingly objected to due to the non-labeling of azo dyes, a screening with regard to food dyes was also carried out. Fifty-seven samples from all over Austria were examined:

  • 5 samples did not comply with the Food Information Regulation.

Last updated: 18.07.2022

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