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Spoilage of canned tuna (in already opened containers).

Final Report of Priority Action A-030-17

The aim of this focus action was to check tuna in the catering trade. Cans of tuna that had already been opened were examined for germ contamination and biogenic amines such as histamine, which can cause allergy-like symptoms. 73 samples from all over Austria were examined. 22 samples (30.1%) were rejected: One sample was harmful to health due to excessive histamine content. In 21 samples, the microbial load was too high, and in three samples the maximum level for histamine was also exceeded.

When protein-rich foods spoil, so-called biogenic amines, especially histamine, can be formed. Histamine ingested via food can lead to allergy-like symptoms, depending on the sensitivity of the person. High levels of these substances can be found particularly in perishable foods such as mackerel fish, which includes tuna. Maximum levels of histamine have therefore been set for certain types of fish.

Last updated: 18.07.2022

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