Gesundheit für Mensch, Tier & Pflanze

Investigation of food inks for use in printers and other applications

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Final Report of Priority Action A-012-23

The objective of the focus action was to test the composition and labeling of dye mixtures in printer cartridges, fiber paints, spray cans and spray guns used to decorate food products. The materials used in the pens, cartridges, capsules and containers were also to be tested for food conformity.

31 samples from all over Austria were examined, 17 samples were objected to:

  • 14 samples due to labeling deficiencies.
  • In two samples, the legally permitted maximum amount of preservatives was exceeded
  • In one sample, a food dye that is no longer permitted was found.

The examination of the containers did not reveal any suspicion of violation of food regulations or non-conformity.

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Last updated: 18.07.2022

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