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Safety of cheap toys from fairs, fairs and kirtagen

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Final Report of Priority Action A-001-18

The aim of the focus action was to obtain an overview of whether, and if so to what extent, the cheap toys on the Austrian market from fairs, fairs and Kirtagen meet the legal requirements.

63 samples from all over Austria were examined. 46 samples were objected to:

  • 25 samples were rejected for safety deficiencies, of which:
    • five samples because of detachable small parts or an excessively high sound pressure level as "harmful to health"
    • six samples due to the use of prohibited phthalates
    • 14 samples due to other safety deficiencies such as packaging films that were too thin, loops, accessible filling material
  • 24 samples were found to be defective in terms of labeling (inadequate or missing warnings, missing CE marking)
  • 22 samples showed deficiencies with regard to the toy labeling ordinance (including deficient/missing information regarding address/identification label)

The campaigns conducted every two years since 2008 on cheap toys from fairs, kirtages or fairs show very large safety and labeling deficiencies in the sampled products. The high percentage of products that are harmful to health is also a cause for concern. At fairs, fairs, church fairs, public festivals and the like, toys from the lower price category are predominantly offered. The low prices and, in addition, the frequent change of location, short stand times, walk-around customers instead of regular customers, contribute to the fact that market vendors do not comply with the prescribed safety standards. The toys offered are often acquired from dubious sources, records on them are missing and traceability is thus not guaranteed.

| 2 min read
Main focus Toy

Last updated: 18.07.2022

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