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Final Report of Priority Action A-001-22

The aim of the focus action was to check compliance with safety requirements and the legally specified limits of toys offered at fairs, fairs, church fairs, public festivals and the like. These were predominantly toys from the cheaper segment of the product range.

62 samples from all over Austria were examined. 44 samples were rejected (in some cases several times):

  • Nine samples were judged to be "harmful to health"; eight samples due to detachable small parts and one sample due to an excessive sound pressure level
  • 19 samples did not comply with the legal safety requirements (detachable small parts whose risk assessment showed a lower risk, packaging films too thin, microbiological contamination, increased sound pressure level, exceeding the migration limit for boron, filling material accessible, accessible sharp points, exceeding the specified length for cords and chains, circumference of loop too large, ratio of mass to elasticity constant too high)
  • 26 samples were found to be defective in terms of labeling (inadequate or missing warnings, missing CE marking)
  • 25 samples due to deficiencies concerning the toy labeling regulation (missing or deficient information concerning the name/address of the manufacturer/authorized representative/importer and/or the identification labeling, CE labeling not correct)
  • 34 samples due to missing or defective EC declaration of conformity
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Last updated: 18.07.2022

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