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Infant formula and follow-on formula and infant cookies

Final Report of Priority Action A-007-21

The aim of the focus action was to obtain an overview of the contamination of infant formula, follow-on formula and children's cookies with regard to selected contaminants and residues. In addition, the microbiological status of the examined products was surveyed. Furthermore, a summary of all food additives and flavors used was compiled based on data from the ingredient lists.

75 samples from all over Austria were examined. 60 samples were objected to (in some cases several times):

  • one sample was unfit for human consumption
  • 52 samples were objected to due to insufficient labeling
  • 13 samples were rejected due to labeling deficiencies concerning the information of consumers about foodstuffs
  • five samples were rejected due to inadequate labeling in accordance with the Beikostverordnung.

The measurements of the selected contaminants and residues showed detectable levels in small quantities in some cases. However, these contents were below the legally specified maximum levels or did not provide any indication of a possible health hazard.

Last updated: 18.07.2022

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