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PAHs and listeria in smoked fish

Final report of the priority action A-037-17

The aim of the focus action was to check whether the limits for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), which were lowered in the fall of 2014, are being complied with. In addition, the product group of smoked fish was checked for contamination with bacteria of the genus Listeria, as these goods are sensitive products in this respect. 37 samples from all over Austria were examined. Two samples were rejected:

  • in one sample the maximum levels for PAHs were exceeded
  • one sample was rejected due to labeling deficiencies.

PAHs are carcinogenic substances that are formed by incomplete combustion processes or pyrolysis of organic materials (wood, coal, gasoline, oil, tobacco, waste) or food (grilling, frying, smoking, drying).

Last updated: 18.07.2022

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