Gesundheit für Mensch, Tier & Pflanze

Microbiology of highly heated ESL milk and ESL sweet cream.

Final Report of Priority Action A-008-17

The aim of the focus action was to examine the microbiological and sensory properties of milk and sweet cream samples (ESL whipped cream) that had been made longer-lasting by high-temperature heating. 76 samples from all over Austria were examined. Five samples were rejected:

  • All of the complaints involved deficiencies in the labeling.

There are two ways to extend the shelf life of pasteurized milk and produce ESL (extended shelf life) milk: High temperature heating of the milk to 130 °C and pasteurization at 72 °C followed by microfiltration or centrifugal sterilization. Similar temperatures (up to 135 °C) are also used in the production of ESL cream (whipped cream). This higher heat load must be clearly evident to consumers from the labeling, as slight product-specific deviations in odor and taste may occur with these products.

Last updated: 18.07.2022

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