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Microbiology of beer from dispensing equipment

Final report of the priority action A-043-18

The focus action A-043-18 "Microbiology of beer from dispensing facilities" was used to survey the hygiene status of beer from dispensing facilities. 45 samples from all over Austria were examined.

  • Two samples were not suitable for human consumption due to coliform bacteria and beer spoilage bacteria.
  • two samples were impaired due to beer spoilage bacteria.

The focus action was the continuation of a focus action from 2014, in which draught beer from pub breweries had been examined. Because of the high complaint rate of 14.3% at the time, a hygiene guideline was drawn up with the cooperation of all the relevant trade groups. This guideline regulates the hygienic operation of a dispensing facility and the responsibilities of the operators.

Last updated: 18.07.2022

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