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Menthofuran, pulegon and quassin in soft and alcoholic beverages

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Final Report of Priority Action A-030-22

The aim of the focus action was to determine the levels of the undesirable substances menthofuran, pulegone and quassin in beverages and to verify compliance with the limit values.

Menthofuran and pulegone are naturally present in peppermint and polemint and have a characteristic taste of mint and camphor. Quassin is a bitter substance found in woody plants. Extracts from various mint varieties and bitter woody plants are added to non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages for flavoring. However, due to their chemical structure, menthofuran, pulegone and quassin have a toxic effect and are suspected of being carcinogenic. As such, these substances may not be added and are subject to maximum quantity restrictions in beverages.

78 samples from all over Austria were tested:

  • No sample was objected to
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Last updated: 18.07.2022

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