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Cosmetic products (from third countries)

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Final report of the priority action A-019-23


The aim of the priority action was to check products from third countries due to the permanently high complaint rate. Third countries are defined as all countries outside the Community area of the EEA.

34 samples from three federal states were analysed. 26 samples were rejected (in some cases several times):

  • Harmful amounts of hydroquinone were found in two samples for skin bleaching
  • Unauthorised glucocorticoids were detected in two samples. Due to the quantities detected, these products were categorised as medicinal products
  • Seven samples contained the banned fragrance butylphenyl methylpropional
  • The majority of the products are not adapted to the requirements of the EEA or the country of destination and were therefore objected to for the following reasons:
    • Products are not notified in the CPNP database
    • The intended use and/or precautionary measures are not labelled in German
    • No address within the Community market is indicated
  • Four samples contain unauthorised advertising claims
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Last updated: 18.07.2022

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