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Colorants in pastry, confectionery, decorations and ornaments

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Final report of the priority action A-009-18

Sixty-one colored pastries, confectionery, decorations and ornaments from all over Austria were inspected with regard to the use of food colorants and labeling.

32 samples were objected to:

  • In five samples, the maximum amounts for the colorants used were exceeded
  • In five samples, unauthorized colorants were used for these goods.
  • In total, 33 labeling deficiencies were objected to (e.g. missing or incorrect warnings, misleading information, etc.).

Restricted conditions of use for colorants in colored foodstuffs have been in force since January 2013. The colorant quinoline yellow (E 104) may not be used in baked goods. Maximum permissible amounts have been set for certain other colorants. If approved azo dyes are used, this use must be labeled in all cases.

| 1 min read
Main focus Pollutants

Last updated: 18.07.2022

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