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EU Pesticide Control Program 2021

Final Report of Priority Action A-901-21

The objective of the priority action "EU Pesticide Control Program 2021" was to monitor compliance with the maximum levels of pesticide residues in or on food of plant and animal origin. The data serve to estimate the actual exposure of consumers to pesticide residues and are the basis for recommendations regarding future pesticide residue monitoring measures at the European level.

191 samples were analyzed. Ten samples were rejected:

  • One sample of table grapes from Turkey had to be evaluated as "harmful to health", taking into account its significant maximum level exceedance for acetamiprid.
  • Five samples from Turkey exceeded the maximum residue levels for pesticides. They were assessed as unsafe - unfit for human consumption:
    • 3x grapefruits (chlorpyrifos-methyl)
    • 1x grapefruits (chlorpyrifos-methyl, fenbutatin oxide and prochloraz)
    • 1x Eggplant/Melanzani (Acetamiprid)
  • In three samples, the maximum residue level was exceeded beyond doubt:
    • 1x melons from Turkey (chlormequat)
    • 1x melons from Spain (chlorate)
    • 1x cultivated mushrooms from Poland (Chlorpropham)
  • One sample of cultivated mushrooms from Poland did not comply with the national specifications of the Ordinance on Maximum Pesticide Levels (SchäHöV) due to its content of N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET).

Last updated: 18.07.2022

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