National Reference Center for Noroviruses

Our National Reference Center for noroviruses is located in our Public Health Business Area.

Our services

  • Detection of viral RNA by polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR).
  • Typing of noroviruses by nucleic acid sequencing and database analysis within the viral RNA polymerase region
  • Electron microscopy
  • Consulting
  • Outbreak clarification


Stool or vomit from the sick person are suitable for testing for noroviruses . Usually, stool samples are analyzed for the diagnosis of norovirus. Ideally, the stool samples should be taken during the symptom phase, as the viral load is highest during this infection phase. Stool containers should be filled to at least one-third full. The filled vessel must be stored in an over-vial for safe transport. If short-term storage of stools is necessary (e.g.: during collection of specimens in an outbreak), the vessels should be kept refrigerated.

Refrigeration is not required during short-term transport. In principle, the same instructions regarding transport and storage apply to vomit as to stool specimens. In the event of an outbreak, it is advisable to examine no more than 5 stools from acutely ill patients. Once the diagnosis has confirmed the presence of norovirus infection, no further investigations are required.



Mag. Dr. Ingeborg Lederer

Last updated: 10.10.2023

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