Government laboratory for variety identification of potatoes (PAGE)

Table potatoes are potatoes (potatoes) intended for direct consumption by humans and corresponding to the following three cooking types (VO zur Vermarktung von Speisekartoffeln, BGBl. II Nr. 244/2014):

  • firm cooking (bacon potatoes);
  • predominantly firm-cooking;
  • floury cooking (mealy potatoes).

The varieties corresponding to the respective cooking type can be found in the Descriptive List of Varieties(Seed Act 1997, Federal Law Gazette I No.72/1997).

Presentation and packaging of ware potatoes: The contents of each package must be uniform and must therefore, in principle, comprise potatoes of the same origin, variety and quality, without prejudice to tolerances. Varietal tolerances for ware potatoes: the percentage of tubers of foreign varieties must not exceed 2 %.

In order to protect consumers from possible overreaching, compliance with the specifications is monitored at all stages of marketing in the course of official controls(Marketing Standards Act - VNG, Federal Law Gazette I No. 68/2007 and Federal Law Gazette I No. 189/2013). For this purpose, potato samples are also subjected to laboratory analysis for varietal authenticity and varietal purity.

Variety testing is carried out by means of electrophoretic (polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, PAGE for short) comparison of the test variety with reference material from the official control cultivation of AGES. The tests are carried out seasonally on the basis of a risk-based control plan in table potatoes and table early potatoes ("Heurige Erdäpfel" or "Heurige") at all stages of marketing.



Andreas Adler

Last updated: 10.10.2023

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