AGES Management

As a company of the Republic of Austria, we have been committed to the health of people, animals and plants for over 20 years. We have been pursuing the One Health approach since our foundation. Our two managing directors and our employees in 6 business areas, 3 specialist areas and 9 staff units and support areas fulfil the tasks defined in the Austrian Health and Food Safety Act (G ESG) in the areas of public health, animal health, food safety, drug safety, food safety, radiation protection, risk assessment, risk communication and research .

In addition, we provide 3 federal offices(Federal Office for Food Safety - BAES, Federal Office for Safety in Health Care - BASG and Federal Office of Consumer Health - BAVG, which are active in the areas of agriculture, drug safety and consumer health, with all the necessary resources to fulfil their tasks. Our Supervisory Board ensures that we carry out our activities in the best possible way and in the interests of the Austrian people.

Managing Director
People in management level
Members of the Supervisory Board

Our management

AGES stands for safe, high-quality food and medicines as well as healthy nutrition. From the soil to the plate, we ensure the health of humans, animals and plants.

DI Dr. Thomas Kickinger, Geschäftsführung

Our knowledge and daily commitment make AGES an indispensable partner organisation for health and food safety in the European Union

Dr. Anton Reinl, Geschäftsführung

Our organization

Management Board

Dr Anton Reinl
Priv.-Doz. Dr Johannes Pleiner-Duxneuner

Business areas

Food Safety, Head Bernhard Föger
Radiation Protection, Head Christian Katzlberger
Animal Health, Head Friedrich Schmoll
Public Health, Head Bernhard Benka
Food Safety, Head Friedrich Sövegjarto
Medical Market Surveillance, Head Günter Waxenecker

Specialist areas

Data Statistics and Integrative Risk Assessment, Head Univ.-Doz. DI Dr Klemens Fuchs
Risk communication, Head Univ.-Doz. Dr Ingrid Kiefer
Knowledge Transfer, Applied Research, AGES Academy, Head DI DDr Alois Leidwein

AGES Business Services - Staff Units

Internal Audit, Head Gabriele Jell-Wiesinger, MMSc, MBA
Legal and Insurance Affairs, Head MMag. Dr Gerald Benesch
Office for Tobacco Coordination, Head N.N.
Integrated Management System, Head Markus Hoffmann, BSc MA
Strategy, Innovation and Project Coordination, Head Elisabeth Lummerstorfer
IT Services, Head Gottfried Scheck, BSc, MSc
Finance, Head Georg Schönberger, MBA
Human Resources, Head Matthias Krumscheid, MA
Facility Management and Purchasing, Head Stefan Frank

Our Supervisory Board

Mag. Dr. Maria Reiffenstein

Mag. Georg Appl
Ing. Mag. (FH) Karin Bäcker
Mag. Dr. Edgar Blocher
Mag. Dr. Ulrich Herzog
Mag. Ilse Hohenegger
Dr. Sigrid Kiermayr
MMag. Dr. Michael Laminger
DI DDr. Reinhard Mang
Mag. Robert Pichler
Emmerich Wagner

Our company in figures (2022)

Established June 1, 2002 as a limited liability company. Wholly owned by the Republic of Austria, represented by the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management.

Locations 10 locations in 6 cities in Austria 8 test stations

Personnel 1,695 total employees (60 % women) Experts represented in over 1,000 national and international committees

Management 11 members of the supervisory board 2 managing directors 17 persons in management level 1 53 persons in management level 2

Key financial figures Revenues: EUR 81.9 million Basic federal grant: EUR 71.7 million

AGES research 105 Ongoing R&D projects 38 Completed R&D projects

Knowledge transfer 134 Education & training events 8.800 participants:Inside 610 Presentations & Presentations 112 Popular Scientific Publications 108 Scientific Publications

EU Knowledge Transfer Projects EU-FORA: European Food Risk Assessment Fellowship Programme EU Support to acquis alignment and capacity building of veterinary sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina

AGES analyzes 945,677 samples 1,757,981 tests 1,074 accredited methods 74 National Reference Laboratories (NRL) 19 National Reference Centres (NRZ) 12 State Laboratories with Special Tasks (STL) 1 Official Medicines Control Laboratory (OMCL) 1 European Union Reference Laboratory (EURL) 3 High Security Laboratories (2 L3 laboratories, 1 L3+ laboratory) AGES evaluates 40.551 expert opinions 88 risk assessments or scientific opinions for food, drinking water, cosmetics, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), tobacco and medical devices.

AGES communicates 1,458,158 visits to AGES website 11,788 media mentions 72 product recalls/product warnings 13 press releases 47 news articles 49 videos produced in-house 927 social media postings



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