AGES Online-Course R for Data Science - Basic

06.04.2022 - 07.04.2022

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Please note that this course will be held in English.

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Please note that a laptop is required. Please ensure that the latest versions of R and R Studio are installed and that you have sufficient administration rights to be able to install R packages.

Verantwortlich für Programm:
Responsible for program:

Mag.a Antonia Griesbacher
Senior expert
Abteilung Statistik und analytische Epidemiologie
Fachbereich Integrative Risikobewertung, Daten und Statistik
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Spargelfeldstraße 191 | 1220 Wien
T: +43 (0) 50555 - 25201 | E:
Ort: online via Zoom
Veranstaltungsart: AGES Online-Course

Kosten: 750 EUR