AGES Online-Course R for Data Science - Advanced

09.11.2022 - 10.11.2022

Data accumulates in all areas of business and science and there is a need to obtain a structured overview of the information received.

The freely accessible (open source) programming language R has increasingly developed into a standard language for statistical questions of all kinds in recent years and offers a rich pool of evaluation tools.

This course builds on the R basics course and provides an in-depth insight into the diverse applications of R. Sophisticated data manipulation with the help of various packages from Hadley Wickham's tidyverse will be discussed. Furthermore, programming knowledge is deepened by explaining control structures and how to program own functions in R.

For advanced graphics creation, the package ggplot2 is introduced. The course is rounded off by presenting R Markdown, whose functions can be used to create automated reports.
Various exercises help participants to consolidate the course content they have learned and to immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge to practical examples.

Training content

•    Introduction

o    pipe-operators from magrittr
o    data format tibble

•    Preparing data efficiently

o    Data processing with tidyverse (dplyr, tidyr)
o    Working with factors (forcats)
o    String editing (stringr)

•    Visualisation

o    Advanced graphics creation with ggplot2

•    Advanced Programming – Control structures

o    If-else conditions
o    Programming loops (for, while)

•    Advanced Programming – functions

o    Programming own functions

•    Automated, reproducible reporting with R Markdown

•    Tips & tricks for programming in R

o    Style Guide
o    Code Snippets in RStudio

Target group

This course is aimed at people with a basic knowledge of programming with R who would like to deepen their knowledge, independently carry out more demanding evaluations and create standardised reports.


Wednesday, 9th of November 2022 and
Thursday, 10th of November 2022

09:00 am -17:00 pm

Please note that this course will be held in English.

Registration information:

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Please note that a laptop is required. Please ensure that the latest versions of R and R Studio are installed and that you have sufficient administration rights to be able to install R packages.
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Mag.a Antonia Griesbacher
Senior expert
Abteilung Statistik und analytische Epidemiologie
Fachbereich Integrative Risikobewertung, Daten und Statistik
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