Die AGES ist ein Mandated Body nach den EU Twinning Rules und hat in den letzten Jahren 4 Twinning Projekte geleitet sowie an einigen Projekten als Projektpartner oder durch ExpertInnen teilgenommen:

Twinning Projekte geleitet von AGES

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA 09 IB AG 01 TWL): Strengthening of the capacities of the phytosanitary services in BiH
  • Bulgaria (BG/2007/IB/AG/06/UE/TWL): Building-up administrative capacity of the Executive Agency for Variety Testing, Field Inspection and Seed Control for GMO control of seed and propagating material moving on the EU and the International market
  • Czech Republic (CZ/06/IB/AG/08-TL): Improved Implementation of Acquis in the Area of Food Safety Surveillance
  • Slovakia (SK06/IB/HE/01/TL): Improving analyses and risk assessments regarding residue pesticides

AGES als Junior Partner oder Teil des Konsortiums

  • Turkey (TR 07 IB EN 01), Capacity strengthening and support of implementation of Nitrates Directive in Turkey (in co-operation with Austrian Environmental Agency –Umweltbundesamt)
  • Serbia (SR 06 IB JH 01) Implementation of Integrated Border Management in Serbia (in co-operation with AIE)
  • Latvia (LV/2006/IB/AG-02TL): Strengthening of the capacity of the Competent Authorities on the application of food hygiene requirements in the specific sectors of food chain, (in cooperation with Agrarmarkt Austria -AMA),
  • Czech Republic (CZ/05/IB/AG/01-TL): The optimization of CISTA control activities in the field of feeding stuffs safety in the frame of Reg. (EC) 882/2004 implementation
  • Bulgaria (AGR 24012) – TAIEX (2007): Workshop on phytosanitary inspections at import and transit
    Lithuania (LT/2005/IB/AG01): Administration of Import/Export, Market Information System, effective use of Farm Accountancy Data Network and Organic Agriculture (in cooperation with Agrarmarkt Austria -AMA)
  • Slovenia (SI/2005/IB/AG/04): Risk assessment methodology and Risk assessment in the food chain regarding microorganisms (in cooperation with  Agrarmarkt Austria -AMA)
  • Bulgaria (BG/2004/IB/EC/01): Strengthening of the system for health control on trade with chemical substances, preparations and products and strengthening the capacity for control on the novel foods and novel food ingredients, and for control on the irradiated foods and food ingredients (AGES in co-operation with Environment Agency Austria - Umweltbundesamt)
  • Cyprus (CY/2003/IB/EN/01/TL): Developing of capabilities for integrated risk assessment of chemicals at State General Laboratory (SGL)* (in co-operation with Environment Agency Austria –Umweltbundesamt),
  • Slovakia (SK/03/IB/EN/02): Biosafety Monitoring System (AGES in co-operation with Environment Agency Austria – Umweltbundesamt)
  • Regional Countries (West Balkan): EU-CARDS Regional Programme  "Support to and Coordination of Integrated Border Management Strategies"