6th FOODSEG Symposium

14-15 September 2017

The programme of the 6th symposium is based on a two-day event with talks by well-experienced scientists and decision-makers in the area of agriculture, feed, food, consumers - all along the feed and food chain. It is further a place to present selected EU Funded research projects in the area to discuss their research results and findings. Posters on EU funded research projects are welcome to be presented during the event.

Tip: "Current regulatory issues of relevance for the whole feed-food chain"
ALEXANDRA GALLER (AGES senior expert for feed)
14 September 2017, 16:00 - 16:30

For more details concerning the programme please follow this LINK.

For registration (due until 13 September 2017) please visit the official website (
Ansprechpartner für Veranstaltung:
Mr. Andreas Moser
Tel: +43 (0)664 8333569
Ort: University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
Veterinärplatz 1
1210 Vienna
Veranstaltungsart: Symposium

Kosten: 80 - 250 EUR (depending on participation)