2nd International Tea Bag Index Workshop


Who should attend?

The workshop is aimed at researchers currently using the method, or planinng to start using the method. Find out more in the "Downloads" section.

Why attend?

The purpose of the 2nd International Tea Bag Index workshop is to improve the understanding and application of the Tea Bag Index (TBI) in ecological studies and to build a TBI community for advanced data generation, method development and knowledge exchange.

Call for abstracts (until 15.12.2016)

Participants should submit abstracts to present the work they are carrying out with Tea Bag Index in different locations and ecosystems. They can submit abstracts to:
i) Global usage of Tea Bag Index session (oral talks) OR to
ii) Poster session

Sponsored by: Vienna Convention Bureau

Registration is open 15.12.2016 - 15.02.2017.
Please use the official registration form (see below).
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Spargelfeldstrasse 191
1220 Vienna
Veranstaltungsart: Workshop

Eintritt: 30 EUR
Time Agenda
08:30-09:00Registration and Tea/Coffee
09:00-09:10Welcome by Andreas Baumgarten (AGES, Leader Department for Soil Health and Plant Nutrition)
09:10-09:25The TBI method and its implications and limitations - Joost Keuskamp
09:25-09:40Where are we now? Where do we want to go? - Taru Sandén
09:40-10:00 How are you involved in TBI?
10:15-10:45Keynote by Prof. Cindy Prescott (Univ. of British Columbia, CANADA): "Understanding litter decomposition: recent advances and current challenges"
10:45-11:05Questions & Answers
11:05-12:45Global usage of Tea Bag Index
11:05-11:251 - Haydn Thomas et al. "Using the Tea Bag Index to examine decomposition patterns across the tundra biome: litter substrate explains more than environment"
11:25-11:452 - Sarah Duddigan et al. "13C CPMAS NMR Study on Litter Decomposition in Tea Bags"
11:45-12:053 - Ika Djukic et al. "Decomposition Studies Using Local Litter versus Standard Tea—A Field Study and Model Application"
12:05-12:254 - Megan Evans & Toos van Noordwijk "Using tea bags to communicate ‘the world’s largest lesson’ to teachers and pupils"
12:25-12:455  - AfSafran & Alatalo " Using tea bags to detect variation in decomposition rates across sites in extreme environments in Qatar and alpine subarctic Sweden"
13:45-15:15 Breakout groups
1 - Training the teachers - Dos and Don´ts of TBI Citizen Science
2 - Your experiences with TBI
3 - Visit to AGES Lysimeter
15:15-15:45Summary & Discussion
15:45-16:001-minute poster pitches
16:00-18:00Poster session