DOI-Nummer: 10.23764/0005, 10.23764/0004

Durability and consumption of milk in the consumer sphere.

Currently, market milk is available in a broad variety of qualities in Austria. Aim of the study was to find out how consumers handle this situation.

The method of choice was WAPI (web assisted personal interview) with 1,036 persons (1,003 milk consumers) in October 2016. Additionally, demographic data was collected to complete the results. The sample is statistically representative for the Austrian population over 18 years.

Special emphasis was laid on consumption patterns, storage conditions and storage life in households, as well as on general knowledge about extended shelf life (ESL) milk.

WAPI results indicate that milk is still a well-accepted product on the market, but new product qualities e. g. lactose free milk can quickly gain market shares.

In general consumers’ knowledge about handling of milk is better than expected.

Their assessments of storage conditions in household refrigerators are mainly correct. It is questionable if the given answers are representative for the actual situation. E. g. only 34 % of the WAPI participants use a thermometer to control refrigerator temperature.

Surprisingly, the “best before” labelling period of validity is misinterpreted for opened packages only by 3.2 % of the interviewed persons.

On the other hand, major mistakes in handling of milk, like drinking directly from the package, are reported for 38.3 % of the participants.