Varroa Mite

Varroa destructor

Changed on: 10.04.2018

The Varroa mite is a brood and bee parasite. Below, you can find some information on the appearance, reproduction, life and damage caused by the parasite.

Biology and Life of the Varroa Mite


    Das bleibt von starken Völkern bei Varroose übrig! /
    This is what is left of strong colonies affected by varoosis!
    Verkrüppelte Bienen und Puppen bei starkem Varroabefall. /
    Crippled bees and pupae severely infected by varroa.

    Varroosis is the infection caused in colonies of the European honey bee, as part of massive infestations by the parasitic mite Varroa destructor. The symptoms affect both adult bees and the brood.

    Varroosis is a notifiable disease and must be reported upon suspicion and epidemic outbreak in line with the Austrian Honey Bee Act.



    Varroa Mite Control

    Broschüre Varroa-Bekämpfung /
    Folder Varroa Control

    Biotechnological Control

    Removing capped drone brood
    Removing capped worker brood
    Interrupting the brood cycle
    Comb Trapping (Swarming) method
    Heat treatment

    Medical Control

    Legal Situation – Approved varroa remedies

    Varroa Seminars



      Broschüre: Varroa-Bekämpfung (12.19 M)
      2. Auflage der Biene Österreich/AGES-Broschüre
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      Veterinärjahresbericht 2014 Beilage Bienen (721 K)
      Kleiner Bienenstockkäfer, S. 7-8
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