Bathing water monitoring

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Changed on: 22.02.2018

Bathing Waters Database


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Water quality


The following parameters are used to categorise bathing water quality:

Indicator bacteria

which indicate a possible contamination with faeces:

Escherichia coli

The reference value 100 CFU/100ml should not be exceeded. Should the limit of 1000 CFU/100 ml be exceeded, a follow-up test must be carried out as soon as possible. If the limit is exceeded in this follow-up test again, the district council must be informed.

Intestinal Enterococcus

The reference value 100 CFU/100 ml should not be exceeded.

Visibility Depth

As a rule of thumb, you should be able to see your feet when you are standing knee-deep in water.

Bathing Waters App

The AGES bathing waters app provides up-to-date information and figures on water quality, visibility depth and temperature for all Austrian bathing Locations with the official start of the spa season on 15 June. (App download – see services below).

The bathing waters database is compiled on behalf of and in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Health and Women’s Affairs.

EU Report on European Bathing Water Quality 2015

The European Environment Agency (EVA) and the European Commission published the Report on European bathing water quality for 2015. The report evaluates bathing water quality based on data gathered in 2015 in the EU Member States, Albania and Switzerland. More than 90% of the bathing waters in eight Member States showed excellent quality: Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Germany and Austria.

Around 99 % of all Austrian bathing waters complied with European quality requirements last year. The water quality of 263 out of 265 sites -- i.e. over 97 percent of the sites examined -- were rated as “excellent” or “good”.

Report: Water Quality of European Bathing Waters 2015   
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