Changed on: 20.03.2018


Austria can cover its drinking water demand entirely using protected groundwater sources. The water usually comes to consumers in its natural state and with consistently excellent quality levels. The comprehensive monitoring – from water suppliers to consumers – ensures a high degree of protection for Austria’s drinking water supply.


Residue monitoring in drinking and groundwater

Drinking water is obtained almost exclusively from groundwater in Austria. Drug residues have been detected in Austrian groundwater since the beginning of the 1990s. This also applies to so-called waste water indicators, such as sugar substitutes or industrial chemicals, which are usually found in urban wastewater.


Bathing water monitoring

AGES provides the latest information on water quality, visibility depth and temperature for all Austrian EU bathing waters in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Health and Women’s Affairs. Also as a mobile app.


Water and Agriculture

The responsible and sustainable treatment of the resource water is one of the biggest challenges in agriculture and can be a vital contribution to food safety and security and environmental protection.


Eco-Alps Water

Eco-AlpsWater ist ein europäisches Projekt mit 12 Partnerorganisationen aus sechs Ländern des Alpenraums, mit dem Ziel, sowohl die traditionellen Überwachungsansätze als auch in der Schweiz die Gewässerschutzverordnung zu verbessern.