b5 - Corporate Soil Competence

Changed on: 27.01.2021
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- Together Protecting Soil

The b5 - Corporate Soil Competence network comprises five institutions – AGES, the Institute of Environmental Engineering of the Austrian Federal Agency for Water Management, the Federal Environment Agency Austria, the Federal Ministry for Research and Science and the Institute of Soil Research at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna – competence, experience and know how revolving around the protected resource soil.

The individual b5 partners have special expert knowledge in both special fields in soil science and soil protection, as well as in soil analytics.

b5 - corporate soil competence

Many years of experience in national and international working groups and projects have generated a large pool of knowledge in present soil protection issues.

Cooperation in the form of the b5 consortium, and including other environmental issues in the network, such as water, climate protection, health and nutrition, makes it possible to cover a wide range of soil-related questions.

This is also reflected in the products and services provided by the consortium.