Changed on: 02.03.2021

What types of pollen are there?

The pollen gathered by bees from flowers is brought into the hive in the form of “pollen pants” on the hindlegs.

"Pant pollen" is pollen that has been removed from returning pollen foragers using pollen traps at the hive entrance.

The pollen stored and processed in the honeycomb cells is referred to as "bee bread" ("perga").



Bee with "bee pants"
Bee bread

Origin, Collection, Ingredients

The LAVES Institute for Apiculture Celle has summarised the most important facts on the origin of, foraging methods for, ingredients in and other interesting details on pollen under the heading "Steckbrief Pollen" (Pollen Profile). 

You can find a detailed description and characterisation of pollen in numerous articles on the homepage of the Swiss Bee Research Centre Bern-Liebefeld.