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Changed on: 21.10.2021

Approved Veterinary Drugs to Control Varroa in Austria

Austrian Medicinal Product Register – Online Search Medicinal Products with instructions to search for substances used in varroa control
Arzneispezialitätenregister – Online Suche Arzneispezialitäten mit Anleitung zur Suche nach Mitteln zur Varroabekämpfung

Agents used to control varroa have required a license as veterinary drugs since 01.01.2014. Bees may only be treated with substances licensed for their specific species (EU Regulation No 37/2010) in line with Art. 4 (5) TAKG (Veterinary Drugs Control Act) .

Veterinary drugs used to control varroa that are licensed for use in Austria can be found in the Austrian Medicinal Product Register of the Austrian Federal Office for Safety in Healthcare (BASG), where the package information and technical information can be accessed for each product.

Tips for searches:

Enter product name in the field "name" or click on the target animal species "honey bee".

Further Tips

Formic acid must only be used with the various evaporation systems in the form of a licensed product (e.g. "AMO Varroxal 85 % formic acid solution to vaporize the inside of the hive for honey bees")

The agent Apitraz licensed of on 19.01.2016 is subject to prescription and only available at pharmacies. All other varroa control drugs listed in the Austrian Medicinal Product Register can be obtained without prescription. Availability: pharmacies, drugstores and beekeeping shops (in line with Art. 59 Para. 7 AMG).

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Varroa weather: an alert service by the Chamber of Agriculture that offers forecast models for varroa control