Risks of Pollen Import

Changed on: 02.03.2021

Pollen imports for the purpose of pollination – potential risks of introducing bee diseases

Pollen imports for the purpose of pollination could present a risk of introducing pathogens and parasites that can damage bees.

The origin of pollen, type and point of time of gathering and its processing, as well as knowledge about the variety (GMO, non-GMO varieties) are essential for the evaluation of potential risks relating to imports. As a result, future pollen imports for the purpose of pollination should be subject to obligatory tests for bee pathogens and parasites before being spread, as the introduction of such pathogens and parasites could cause extensive damage to both honey and wild bees.

For more information see publications in Bienenaktuell (04/2014):

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    [Translate to English:] Mögliche Risiken bei Pollenimporten zu Bestäubungszwecken
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