Bee Diseases

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Changed on: 24.11.2020

Overview of Notifiable and Non-Notifiable Bee Diseases

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Notifiable Bee Diseases

The following regulation is applied in accordance with the Austrian Bee Disease Act.

Notifiable are:

1. Any of the following diseases: 

a) American Foulbrood,

b) Infestations of the Small Hive Beetle (Aethina tumida),

c) Infestation of Tropilaelaps mite (Tropilaelaps spp.),

d) Varroosis, when at an epidemic level;

2. Any suspicion of such diseases

3. Any impending or actual loss of at least 30 % of the colonies at an apiary

Information on further procedures upon an outbreak or a suspicion of the above-mentioned diseases can be found here.

Hive beetle

Non-Notifiable Bee Diseases