Animal Tests are prohibited

Changed on: 14.04.2021

Animal tests are prohibited

Since 1999, there has been a general ban on animal testing in relation to all finished cosmetic products that are manufactured in Austria, as laid down in the Austrian Animal Protection Act (Federal Law Gazette No. 501/1989 and included in the amendment of 1999 Federal Law Gazette No. 169/1999). The European Union imposed this ban in 2004. Moreover, since 2004, it has been prohibited to place cosmetic products on the market, if the product or one of its ingredients has been tested on animals, although a recognised alternative method had been available at the time of testing.

The prohibition of animal tests has been conducted in several stages: testing ingredients on animals was prohibited in the Community market after 2009. Furthermore, placing cosmetic products on the market is generally prohibited, if these products or any of their ingredients have been tested on animals. Cosmetic products, the ingredients of which were tested on animals in relation to reproductive toxicity, repeated-dose toxicity or toxicokinetics, could be placed on the market up to 2013.

The general ban on the placement of cosmetic products on the market when they or several of their ingredients have been tested on animals came into effect in March 2013.

The Commission Recommendation of 7th June 2006 (2006/406/EC): Establishing guidelines on the use of claims referring to the absence of tests on animals pursuant to Council Directive 76/768/EEC.